COVID-19 and the Peculiar Attitude to Respiratory Protection

I would like to report that things are not going well in the UK. The entire country has imprisoned itself voluntarily. Everyone seems to think that catching a cold will kill them. The shops are shut, the streets are empty and everyone has stopped talking to each other. If you are spotted in the park with your children neighbours ring the police to report you and send the video to the local press to name and shame. The strangest thing of all is everyone is walking around their house wearing surgical masks. Those masks are designed to prevent blood splatter entering their mouth and nose.

The best way to illustrate the collective insanity that has taken hold of the nation is the daily bout of happy clapping. Everyone is of the opinion that the people who work for the NHS (National Health Service) are so heroic they deserve a daily round of applause at 8pm every night, seemingly completely unaware that if you suspect you might have the coronavirus, the NHS advise you stay at home. The hospitals are quieter than the streets and the national death rate has actually fallen by 1500 deaths per month compared with the last 5 years.

There is also a disturbing trend of people from the construction industry donating dust masks to the NHS. They take a photograph of themselves with a box of dust masks, post it on LinkedIn and all their contacts write comments congratulating them on their courage, self-sacrifice and extreme valour. It is one of the most appalling aspect of the entire psy-op but it is also their undoing because this proves the contagion is fake. Allow me to explain.

I work in demolition (so not the brightest spark in the fire) and my main role is to assess risks in order to design a safe method to demolish a structure. Two of the major hazards, regarding the health of anyone involved in a project, are breathing in silica dust particles that can lead to silicosis of the lungs and breathing in asbestos fibres that can lead to asbestosis and other lung diseases. We can’t eliminate these hazards so we have to put controls in place to protect employees and the public. To keep this simple, we wear RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment) in order to filter out any dangerous particles whilst we remove the danger. These toxic hazards are responsible for about 10000 deaths per year.


When it comes to silica, the harm comes from long term exposure to excessive silica dust, so we use water mists to dampen as much airborne dust as we can and if there is still a residual dust problem in an area where we need men to work, we will issue paper dust masks.

Paper Mask

The filter specification on these is called FP3 which is an adequate filter and is effective for particles greater than 0.5µm, however, the inherent problem with the masks is creating a seal to the face. It is possible to get a qualitative face fit certification for these but in reality the seal is destroyed within minutes of working with them. They probably reduce the exposure to 10 micron and above dust particle size by about 80-90% which for low risk dust problems is a reasonable return.

They are not pressurised in any way, so when you breath in, the mask will deflate to your face causing the leak from the broken seal to act as a pressurised vacuum sucking in more surrounding dust than normal. The actual filter becomes redundant at this point because the dust has clogged it to saturation and the air flows away from the filter and through the broken seal. In reality, FP3 paper masks give insincere lip service to our duty of care but because the risk of liability is low, nobody gives a fuck!


When it comes to asbestos, the harm comes from short term exposure to asbestos fibres. One fibre has the potential to give you a terminal lung disease. The smallest fibres (1-5µm) can make it to the pleural lining of the lung where the gas exchange of oxygen enters the blood stream. This causes mesothelioma cancer and can kill you within months of exposure. The longer fibres (5-10µm) can lodge themselves into the lung tissue and because asbestos cannot be broken down biologically, the lung reacts by encasing the fibre in calcium. Repeated exposure over time causes excessive calcification within the lung and this leads to asbestosis which can take 20-30 years to kill you.

The secondary risk is the fibres attaching themselves to your clothing and this can lead to the contamination of your home and family. In order to remove the hazard of asbestos fibres, we create a fully sealed negative pressured working environment, where the contaminated air within the enclosure is pumped out through FP3 filters. The men who enter the enclosure will wear battery powered air fed full-face masks. These masks create a positive pressure within the mask so if the seal is broken, the air is forced outwards and not sucked into the mask upon inhalation. When they leave the enclosure, they go through a decontamination unit and scrub any trace of asbestos fibres from the body.


The movement of the asbestos waste from source to specialised landfill is governed with similarly strict protocols. The amount of paperwork, licensing and procedural compliance involved for the people who work in this sector is staggering and if I can I will avoid working with asbestos like I would the plague (pun intentional).

To give an example, the most dangerous form of asbestos is probably flock. So if I was contracted to remove some flock and in the course of the operation, a seal or a filter failed or some other small problem occurred that exposed one of the men to the asbestos, the man would be dead within a few months, I would be sent to jail under negligence and manslaughter charges, the company I worked for would lose their asbestos license and no one associated with the disaster would be allowed to work with asbestos ever again. Such is the severity of the consequences. The HSE (Health & Safety Executive) govern this industry with an iron fist and all work is done under strict licensing conditions.


Let us now examine how the NHS deal with an even greater threat. An alleged threat of such magnitude and of such terrible consequence, the entire world has been advised under duress, threat of financial penalty and social ostracization to stop working and imprison themselves from their family, friends and neighbours in order to prevent the most infectious and dangerous contagion the world has ever known.

This video has been made by 3 senior front line medical experts, qualified and competent in providing the highest standard of health care in the world. There can be no safer pair of hands.

A few points to note. The COVID-19 virus is supposed to be approx. 80 nanometres in diameter and the FP3 filter is good for 500 nanometres. So even if you had a perfect seal on the dust mask, the virus would pass straight through the filter. It is like using a tennis net as an umbrella to protect you from the rain.

These medical experts have a duty of care to themselves, their colleagues and their patients and they are recommending a mask and filter that is nowhere near fit for purpose. So, either they are staggeringly incompetent, they are conspiring to get as many people infected as possible or they are fully aware that viruses are not contagious and represent absolutely no risk to anyone’s health?

Judging by their hyper zealous promotion of vaccines, I suggest a heady mix of all 3.

I have been told by a donator of dust masks, (who happens to be a very senior ranked ‘expert’ in my industry) that the virus is encapsulated in water which is larger than the virus particle itself. However, a water molecule is 0.275 nanometres in size so I believe he has made this up. The water would eventually evaporate, leaving the virus molecule to the mercy of the charge field and the convection currents.


If viruses did pose a risk to health, we would expect to see safety controls similar to how the asbestos industry behaves. The hazmat suits that Hollywood love to use are too vulnerable to puncture or tearing to be realistically useful and require their own separate air supply to pressurize the suit. I would insist on a sturdy full-face mask and a strong decontamination procedure if I were to send my men into the mix. You would still have the problem of air filtration because standard filters would be so dense, it would slow the air down to a trickle as it passed through the filter. Air tanks, similar to what a sea diver would wear, would be required.



This set up is commonly used for working in confined spaces, where the risk of toxic gas build up because of a lack of ventilation is high.

This standard of RPE should be mandatory for all NHS staff (including receptionists), police, shop assistants, members of parliament, banking staff, fruit pickers and garbage collectors.

As a final note, if somebody was to test positive for this ‘highly contagious’ COVID-19 virus, their family would also be infected and the armed forces would be required to evacuate the entire household and immediate neighbours under a military spec quarantine protocol.

The fact that we see none of this is proof that the entire psy-op is fake. There is no COVID-19, viruses are not dangerous to health or contagious and we are without doubt a nation of clapping seals.

Clapping Seal

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